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Our empty disposable carts use a new revolutionary diamond cell heating technology allowing for higher potency extracts & a large range of viscous distillates with no burnt taste.


All our 510 vape carts are shipped from the US, so delivery will be blazing fast. When looking for a range of vape cartridges, VPWholesale is your one-stop-shop with our variety of vape carts featuring trendy modern designs that are routinely lab tested so you can shop with confidence.

Wholesale Vape cartridge

The popularity of dabs has risen over recent years, and for good reason. Like other cannabis cartridges, dab pen carts are easy to use, convenient, portable, discreet, have flavor options, allow for control overdosage, have a variety of options, and don’t require much clean up — just toss out the empty cartridge. Add to this the easy availability of shopping for a vape cartridge, which makes a cart pen especially popular for tourists and on-the-go smokers.

A dab is a concentrated version of THC — extracted with other cannabinoids — and uses a vape pen hash oil cartridge. There are many different types of concentrates, such as wax, shatter, rosin, sap, live resin, and distillate.

The end result of a dab is desirable, but the process of obtaining it can be tricky. A dab is heated on a hot surface, typically a nail, and inhaled through a dab rig. This multi-layered preparation and consumption can be daunting if not off-putting.

Just to get started, you need a nail attachment and handheld blow torch. For most of us, heating a metal or glass nail with a tiny flamethrower looks fundamentally dangerous. And, a combination of flammable gases and poor ventilation could cause an explosion.

Home extraction processes make dabs more controversial. It’s smart to always buy from a licensed seller. Even if a home extraction went well, there’s no way to test and verify the purity of the finished product. “Dirty” oil may contain chemical contaminants or excessive amounts of residual solvents that could present health hazards.

Dabs are complicated and, if you aren’t an experienced user, more than a little dangerous.

Dab pen carts remove the need for a torch of any kind and simplify the entire process by taking advantage of existing vape pen technology. Just like a vape mouthpiece, dab pen carts make for an easier, more portable experience which also gives the user control of their dosage. And dab cartridges, aka vape pen hash oil cartridges, can often be the best solution.